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On this page I've included links to a wide variety of wheeled devices.   They will give you an idea of what's out there and what might be most suitable for your child and you.  I've also included "dream" items, tricycles, adapted cars, that sort of thing.


Category Navigator   This is the link to Sunrise Medical.  They make the Quickie, Zippy, and Kid Kart as well as other chairs.  To see pictures and get more info on a particular chair, click on the link, and then choose what you want to see on the left hand navigation menu on the site.  It doesn't let me show the individual pages.

Kid-Kart Cares About Kids

Product Information - Jr. - Action These next 2 chairs are made by Invacare which also makes the Action Tiger chair that is very popular for younger children. At this time I haven't been able to locate a web site for Action Tiger.

Product Information - Youthmobile 3000

GLOBAL POWER SYSTEMS (Pediatric power chairs as well as other assistive technology)

Theradyne Venture Wheelchair

Kurt Manufacturing (Maxim wheelchair)There's no link to it on the Theradyne page but I've seen an add for the Vassilli Power Stand Up Jr.  This is a power chair/mobile stander combination.  It looks awsome!


Mulholland Positioning Systems - Products

Home Page Whitmyer Head supports

Wheelchair Parts by Affordable Option Health Care

Advanced Mobility Concepts Van Conversions and Full Line of Mobility Products (wheelchairs too)



Families often choose a stroller type device before going to a wheelchair for their child.

Convaid Products Inc.

Convaid (Product Styles)

Convaid (Cruisers)

Convaid (Cruiser Bus Transports)

Convaid (EZ Riders)

Convaid (Safari Tilt)

Convaid (Metro Specifications)

Stroller Style Wheeled Chairs (Adaptive Mall, gives a picture of each type of chair and links to site with specific info on each)

Web Page Title Here   (Columbia Stroller base)

Jogging Strollers for Special Children by Baby Jogger

Theradyne Pogon Wheelchair Series


Other Wheeled devices

Wheeling (Adaptive Mall, tricycles, other wheeled devices)

Rifton Tricycles

Positioning in Motion (Tumble form wheeled devices)

AssistTech Inc. (this site has links to 2 devices that allow a childs' car to be adapted to be controlled by a switch)

Hotshot Products Products (products that allow you to convert a stroller or wheelchair into an allterain or beach vehicle)

Beach Wheelchairs Handicapped Recreational Surf Chair

Natural Access.. Landeez All-terrain wheelchairs

Beach Wheelchairs

WHEELCHAIRMedical Equipment by QQB (Stair climber chair)

The Cooper Car for the Disabled (looks like fun)

Innovative Products Home they adapt toys and other equipment to give children more mobility

Haverich Orthopaedic Cycles Home (they make a wide variety of cycles for people with disabilities)

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