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I apologize for the many broken links in this section of the web site. I will be fixing things up as soon as possible.

Equipment Links

As all of us who have children with special needs find out, we can't do it alone, not only do we need extra people to help our children but we also need special equipment.   With the growth of the internet it has become easier for families to find out about the equipment professionals are recommending and to see what their options are.   There are a ton of equipment sites out there so in some ways this section of the Rays of Sunshine Web site may seem to be unneccessary.  However, what I'm trying to do is present equipment sites specifically geared towards children.  I'm also giving each type of equipment it's own page.  This way if you want info about strollers you can go right to that page rather than wading through a long list of links about other equipment.  A site that lists strollers may also have info about other equipment so you may see the same sites repeated on many of the pages.  By presenting this information I am not endorsing any specific piece of equipment, I am just presenting you with the available options.

On this page you will find a list of sites that have multiple information.  Many will be mentioned on individual pages as well.

Equipment Designed for Mobility Therapy Education and Fun! (The Jennie Company)

Abilitations Home Page (mostly Therapy equipment but still lots of info and ideas)

index American Discount Medical Equipment-this site includes much of the equipment offered in other sites but at discount prices.  Definately check this site out before ordering-includes Tumble forms, car seats, walkers, etc)

The Boulevard - A healthcare site for the disabled by the disabled (I've included some links from this site on individual pages as well)

Community Playthings and Rifton Equipment

Flaghouse.. Where you Turn to Enhance the Quality of Life (great catalogue)

Children with Special Needs Directory (Coast Resources, lots of links)

SUNRISE MEDICAL INC. (they make the Kid Kart, Quickie and Zippie chairs which I've put links to on the wheelchair page.   They have other equipment too)

Welcome to Snug Seat! (they have a variety of children's equipment)

Advanced Mobility Concepts Van Conversions and Full Line of Mobility Products (wheelchairs too)

Durable Medical Equipment-Wheelchairs Walkers Scooters Oxygen and Respiratory Equipment at up to 60% OFF.

Homecare Products Inc. - Providing durable equipment for home health care - Kent WA.

The Outlet Durable medical equipment

Disability Resources - Directory\

Maintenance Specialties (carries parts for wheelchairs and other medical equipment)

Otto Bock Content (a wide variety of equipment-not sure how much applies to children)

Exceptional Kaplan Company, they seem to mostly stock special education supplies but are worth checking out.

Maddak - Aids for Independent Living (this company has some interesting equipment.  I've put some links on individual pages.  It's worth checking out for less physically involved children too)

Disability and Medical Resource Directory of disability products medical products and resources for the disabled elderly caregivers and healthcare providers

Disability Resources Directory - Children

Dragon Systems Inc.

The Equipment Connection


Products Page (This is a site that features listings of a wide variety of used equipment-I've included a couple of the sections on individual pages)

Children's Equipment Page from the above web site.  Most of the equipment seems to be listed as being in the Twin Cities.

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