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Car seats
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Car seats/positioning devices

Safety Car Seats (Adaptive Mall)

Columbia Orthopedic Positioning Car Seat (Model 2000)

E-Z-ON Products Inc. Pupil Transporters

Welcome to Snug Seat's Gorilla Car Seat!

Snug Seat Gorilla Seat child car safety seat from MSN eShop. Discover key facts about Snug Seat Gorilla Seat

Welcome to the Snug Seat 2 Seating System!

Welcome to Snug Seat's Spelcast Car Seat! (this is designed for children in casts)

Special Need Seats  (this site has pictures and info on a variety of child restraint devices for children with special needs)

travel vest seat belt harness by cosco (this isn't specifically for children with special needs but it may be appropriate for some children with a bit of sitting balance)

General Information on choosing car seats and transportation of children with special needs.

AAP - Car Seat Shopping Guide for Children with Special Needs

Transporting Children With Special Health Care Needs (RE9852)


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