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Alternate Positioning
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Alternate Positioning

On this page are links to sites with info about alternate positioning devices for your child (wedges, comfy chairs, etc.)

Chairs and Seating (Adaptive Mall)

Modular Positioning (Adaptive Mall-wide variety of devices including side lyers-all by Tumbleform)

Versa Form Plus   (looks like an interesting idea for hard to position children)

Tables and Trays (adaptive mall)

Tumble Forms Wedges

Bolsters Rolls (adaptive mall)

Therapy Balls (adaptive mall)

Tumble Forms Rolls

The Medi-Kid Co. (This site is about splints, or imobilizers, not really alternate positioning.  They make a really nice soft splint-my daughter has the knee imobilizers which she sleeps in.  Between them and the stander which she uses daily, she no longer is needing to have surgery to lengthen her hamstrings.  They do custom splints for larger children as well)

Danmar Products (positioning devices, collars, chest straps etc)


Ball Dynamics International


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