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Home care
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This page has links to sites that carry products that we use in caring for our children at home.

Specialty beds

HARD beds (age appropriate beds for children with special needs)
1-800-873-4273 ext. 267
HARD Manufacturing Co.Inc
Buffalo, New York (can't find a web site for them)

Volker Healthcare (GB) Ltd (beds)

Welcome to Vail Incorporated!! (Vail beds-covered beds)

Hospital Beds and Equipment Page (this appears to be a listing of used beds and other equipment)

Hospital Beds - Medical Equipment (another site featuring used equipment)

Product Information - 5107 - Manual Homecare Bed - Fixed Height

Product Information - 5110 - Semi Electric Homecare Bed - Fixed Height (I've just included a couple of links to Invacare beds.  You can access info on others from the menu on each page)

Furniture Designs Furnture to Live by.   They have some really interesting designs-not just beds.


Respiratory care

Invacare Respiratory ProductsAerosol Therapy Products Navigator

Oxygen Therapy Products Navigator

Tri-Med Inc. Whisper O2 Oxygen Concentrators and Nebulizers

Suction Pumps

Pulse Oximeters

Ballard Medical - TrachCare® Products


Nutrition/tube feeding supplies

Nutritionals Overview links to information about a wide variety of formulas and supplements.

Pediasure formula

M e d Q u e I n c . [Product List] (formulas and nutritional supplements)

Thick & Easy Purée Express Web Site

Precision Foods - Precisely right for you (Thick It)

Applied Medical Technology - Product Information

Applied Medical Technology - Product Info - Mini Button

ZEVEX INTERNATIONAL INC. (they make the Eneralite Feeding pump)

M e d Q u e I n c . [Product List] (Kangaroo Pet pump)

Ballard Medical - MIC Products (various mic feeding tubes)

Northwest Enteral Supply - Products (complete selection of tube feeding supplies including pumps, tubes and formula)

Product Replacement Guide (this is a good listing of tube feeding formulas by Mead Johnson)

Used medical equipment medical equipment hospital equipment Medical Solutions Home Page - Pre-owned Refurbished Electronic Patient-Care Equipment - Used medical equipment bought & sold CPM - Pressure Moni (a wide variety of equipment)

North Coast Medical Catalog (this catalogue has a wide variety of aids for daily living, including a neat self feeder)

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Incontinence supplies

The GoodNites disposable absorbent underpants bed-wetting enuresis center for parents and kids

Welcome to COMFORT Incontinence products

Adult Diapers from Magic Medical

Angel Fluff Diaper Co. Welcomes You!

The DEPEND and POISE guide to urinary incontinence bladder control and adult disposable absorbent products.

Cloth Diapers from Nappies Direct

Welcome to the SERENITY® Information Center

! Incontinence Products and Absorbent Pads by Tranquility !

ARC Home Health Products (incontinence briefs and undergarments)

Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies Co. Inc.

COMCO Inc. (reusable incontinence supplies)

Duraline Medical Products Inc. - Incontinent Care Products


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