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On this page you will find some of the agencies and organizations that provide support to families of children with special needs that we found when preparing our mailing list of people who would receive the Hydranencephaly newsletter.

SY00079_.WMF (3428 bytes) indicates a directory that lists the Hydranencephaly web site or support group

MUMS National Parent to Parent Network

SY00079_.WMF (3428 bytes)Genetic Conditions Rare Conditions Information  We're there now, listed under hydrocephalus, neural tube defects

PHP Home Page (Parents Helping Parents)

SY00079_.WMF (3428 bytes)*Welcome to's Home Page

Patient Support Groups - Office of Rare Diseases

This is CAL-TASH...

Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center  (based in California-I think)

Family Support Network of North Carolina

Share Experiences (Orange County)

Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent Groups Resources  (lots of links)

Disease and Disroder Support Groups by Condition--Ask NOAH

Association of Birth Defect Children Inc. - Your Birth Defects Information Source



CaF Home Page - Helping families who care for children with any disability or special need (UK)

Helping Hands (this site mentions Mother Theresa, but does have links to support groups and information about caring for the caregiver)


Parent to Parent  New Zealand



BCACL Home Page (BC Canada)

Family Support Institute (BC Canada)


Contents North Peace Community Living Society (Peace River, Alberta)


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