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This page has links to sites that talk about controversial issues many of which those of us with severely handicapped children need to face on a regular basis.  I only provide links to sites I feel are appropriate in my experience as a parent of a child with Hydranencephaly. I am not telling anyone else how they should decide on these various issues.

Not Dead Yet!  (Presidents Commission on the Uniform Determination of Death)

Human Sentience Before Birth - 5. The Problem of Pain (this article mentions Hydranencephalic and Anencephalic children.)

Human Life International ( HLI ) - Defending Life Faith and Family around the World

CHN International

index (Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia)

Valley Action For Life

Transplantation of Organs from Newborns with Anencephaly (Canadian Pediatric Society position paper)

Infants with Anencephaly as Organ Sources Ethical Considerations (RE9253) (American Academy of Pediatrics position statement)

LLUMC Legacy Chapter Four (Loma Linda University Medical Center protocol for using anencephalic newborns as organ donors)