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These links were collected when we were drawing up our mailing list of Hospitals, Doctors and others to send our newsletters to.  Many of these hospitals have a ton of links and interesting information.

US Hospitals
Children's Hospitals Directory

HospitalWeb (listing of many hospitals and general medicine links)

MedInfo Hospitals (USA)

Hospitals (Listing of Chidren's Hospitals around the world) 

4Hospitals -- a guide to hospitals from

Pediatric Hospital Addresses

Neonatology on the Web - Web Servers (links to many hospital sites)

The Kennedy Krieger Institute - A Comprehensive Resource for Children with Disabilities

Children's Hospital Online Information Resource (Missouri)

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)

University of Chicago Children's Hospital and Department of Pediatrics

Other Pediatrics-related Resources (related to the U of Chicago site)

Site Map - Children's Hospital of Cincinnati (this site has tons of information.  There is a patient education program which has information on a very long list of things relating to childrens' health care.  Many of these are listed on other pages of this web site).


Canadian Hospitals
www.InforMedica.CA (Canadian Hospitals on the Net)

Medi-Fax Canadian Hospitals Web Directory

CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

C&W Health Centre of British Columbia

Site Information - Alberta Children's Hospital

The Hospital For Sick Children


Winnipeg Hospital Authority Web Links   (doesn't say anything about a Chidren's Hospital but has good links)

Htech CANADA ONTARIO HOSPITALS IWS  (listing of hospital sites for Ontario)



UK Hospitals
Your NHS South and West(list of Trusts-UK)

Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust (UK)

The CaF Directory - Children's Hospices and Respite Care (UK)


International Hospitals
Sociedad Argentina de Pediatrķa (in Spanish)


Ceylan's Pediatric Surgery Site (Turkey)

Kinderchirurgie Pediatric Surgery-Online (Germany)

The New Childrens Hospital Westmead The Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (Australia)

Women's & Children's Health Care Network (Australia)


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