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Children's Health Directory   (list of links to sites about Children's Health)

MedWeb Robert W. Woodruff Health Science Center Library of Emory University

MedicineNet - Medical Information For Diseases Treatments Procedures Drugs and more


Welcome to PediWeb

Parents' Common Sense Encylopedia

Patient Education Programs Complete List - Children's Hospital of Cincinnati  (excellent information much of which is mentioned in other sections of this web site.)


THE MERCK MANUAL HOME EDITION Table of Contents  (not an awful lot of info currently but more will be added)

ANS Neuroscience Links

Rare Genetic Diseases In Children Resource Directory

Pharmacy Web Australia - On-line Journals and other PublicationsReferences

Pediatric Disorders and Conditions (from Texas Children's hospital)

Ped_link    If it has anything to do with children, it's here.

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NORD - Rare Disease Database

Other Pediatrics-related Resources


a name=topFroggie's Hospitals & Healthcarea  (many many links of a wide variety)

AnyWho Toll Free Category Navigation - Navigate Toll Free Listings Categories (health/medical listings)

LINKS OF INTEREST IN PEDIATRICS  (many international sites and associations)

MGH Neurology  (entry to Massachusetts General Hospital neurology information)


QuackWatch Home Page (a site to check out if you hear of a new or possibly controversial treatment)

The Cerebral Institute of Discovery (all about the brain, offers info on all kinds of things including treatments)

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