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Care facilities
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More links will be added to this page as I find them.  They will mostly be about long term care facilities or respite programs, mostly in the US.

Please note: I am not recommending or endorsing any facility.  I am merely providing a list of information that I have found.


KCS-Resources for Children Who Are Medically Complex or Technology Dependent

Children's Specialized Hospital
908-233-3720 (New Jersey) Providing family centered pediatrics for the special needs child (as seen in Exceptional Parent Resource Guide 1999)


Stewart Home School (Kentucky)

Devereux - California Center

PA Approved Private Schools -Devereux Schools

Berkshire Meadows - Residential Program for people with Developmental Disabilities Gt. Barrington MA

Bancroft NeuroHealth (New Jersey, Maine, Louisianna)

Matheny School and Hospital (New Jersey)

SDTC - Educational Residential and Clinical Services for Multiply-disabled and Medically-frail Children and Adults (New York)

Melmark (Pennsylvania)

Chileda Habilitation InstituteResidential treatment center for children with developmental disabilities (Wisconsin)