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Christian sites
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These are assorted Christian sites I've found.

Elizabeth George Christian Development Ministries

Mr. Mom's Web Site


Dana's Page Serving Christ


AnimationsScreen SaversGraphicsGamesJavaScriptsJavaChat RoomHTML Forum

Welcome Canada to Canadian Christian

The Bird Nest


GOSHEN Christian Search Engine and Directory

Christian Graphics

All In One Christian Index - Main Index

Valley Action For Life

The Spiritual Place

Gateway to Joy - Family of Broadcasts

All In One Christian MetaSearch Engine (links to Christian graphics sites, with lots more as well)

Spiritual Gifs and Jpegs Too!!

His Eye is on the Sparrow Home Away From Home 

FCI Image Index   Christian graphics site

Free Christian Web Site Graphics Directory

Children's Sonshine Network -- Christian Kids Radio

NotOld  (this is cute, it does also have links to Christian sites)

Christian Inspirational Postcards (beautiful post cards for you to email to friends)

Teach Me To Pray (beautiful)

Jen's Just Live It Page

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Bear at top of page was adopted from School Days Graphics