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Kid's sites
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Kids' Sites

There are a wide variety of links on this page.  Some fun, some educational, some both.  There are also quite a few links to children's web rings which allow you to access even more sites.  To the best of my knowledge all of these sites are child friendly.



Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids

Billy Bear's Playground - Billy Bear 4

Fun Stuff for Kids   Itons of great links for kids)

StudyWeb (tremendous number of links to various subjects)

Just For Kids - Children's Bookstore   (as this is a store, kids need to have parents go to it with them)

123 ABC Kids Ring web ring featuring sites for children and/or home schooling

4Kids Only WebRing large web ring of sites for kids

Cool Kid Site Ring

Geocities Kids Ring

Happy Pages web ring.  Pages are monitored closely to make sure they are kid safe and upbeat.

Just For Kids Webring


kids with disorders reaching out to each other

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Earth Dog 

Smithsonian Institutes' Kids' Castle

Kids in the Kitchen

Toy Lab

4kidsgraphics 's Home Page lots of kids' graphics

PageWorks Kitty Roach's original image animation - free for personal homepage use. This site has graphics but also has some neat stuff for kids.


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